The many faces of Casey Lee

"There is a certain tone to Casey Lee's voice. It is a kind of stoic tranquility that draws you in until you find yourself fixed in a state of rapt attention." - YOO-N-LA Magazine

'Mended Soul's by Casey Lee as heard on 'Criminal Minds' Season 10 Episode 12. 

Song Credit: "Riot-Run Through The Jungle" Think Up Anger featuring Casey Lee ©John Fogarty - Jondora Music

If there’s one thing that makes me weak in the knees it’s a voice filled with soul… that’s why I was drawn to Casey Lee

- Golden Review Mixtape 

Original Music for Theater’s the music that draws you into “Unfortunates,” grabs hold and lifts your spirits ever higher. It’s not just the ingenious blends of blues, gospel and hip-hop. Songs like the gospel hymn that begins “Lord, lay me down” strike the ear as instantly familiar and part of the fabric of American life. This is a musical you’ll leave humming new tunes — with pleasure.

                                                                                            - Robert Hurwitt is The San Francisco Chronicle’s